All of Your Dental Problems Today End with Teeth Tomorrow

Teeth Tomorrow is a life-changing procedure that can provide a permanent solution to your major dental problems.

A specialized, implant-supported, full-arch dental bridge is delivered by one practice, at one location, through one success-proven protocol.  Your Teeth Tomorrow® bridge is precision-milled from a solid piece of Prettau® Zirconia – one of the most durable materials available in dentistry.  Teeth Tomorrow®  implant bridges are custom designed for your unique smile and will not chip, crack, stain, or attract plaque, odors and bacteria.  Your full-arch bridge is permanently anchored with multiple dental implants to provide you with a stable, natural-looking smile and bite that is virtually indistinguishable from healthy teeth and gums.

Smile Options at a Glance

Download our treatment comparison guide for information on how long each treatment will take, recommended care, and a cost comparison.

    Implant Comparison Guide
    Download our dental implant comparison guide for information on how long each treatment will take, recommended care, and a cost comparison.

    Life-Changing Results with Teeth Tomorrow

    If you are missing teeth, you don’t have to live with an incomplete smile anymore thanks to Teeth Tomorrow® dental implant solutions. Teeth Tomorrow is a full set of permanent, natural looking teeth, custom-made to your personal requirements. They don’t have to be removed at night. You brush them like regular teeth, and you can eat and smile with confidence again.

    If you would like to see how Teeth Tomorrow changed our patients’ lives and smiles view our results page. With Teeth Tomorrow® full-arch bridges, they smile confidently, enjoy their favorite foods, and live a life free from oral pain and discomfort.


    What is the Teeth Tomorrow® Dental Implant Bridge?

    Your state-of-the-art Teeth Tomorrow® full-arch bridge is precision-milled from a solid block of Prettau® Zirconia to provide a permanent solution to your major dental problems.  It is anchored to a set of dental implants and you never take it out.  It looks like naturally healthy teeth and gums and will not chip, crack or stain. You brush it just like normal teeth, but don’t need to floss because it doesn’t attract plaque. It out-performs and out-lasts bridges made from plastic or a combination of acrylic and denture teeth. This ideal solution can change your life with a new, worry-free smile.

    The Teeth Tomorrow® process delivers superior patient results by minimizing stress and maximizing quality. Learn more about the benefits of Teeth Tomorrow.

    Acrylic vs Zirconia

    Most full-arch implant bridges are made from either acrylic or zirconia. The implants serve the same function for both types of solutions, but the difference in the materials used to make the bridge significantly affects its final look, feel, and performance over time.

    At Teeth Tomorrow, we believe in using Prettau® Zirconia as the best material for your dental bridge.

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    Not all Zirconia is Created Equal...

    The Teeth Tomorrow® permanent full-arch implant bridge is made from Prettau® Zirconia, exclusively by Teeth Tomorrow Dental Laboratory.  While other centers may offer zirconia bridges, your Teeth Tomorrow® solution is the ONLY one backed by an unprecedented 5-Year Study published by the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry. Over 2,000 Prettau® Zirconia bridges delivered between 2012 and 2017 demonstrated a 99.56% success rate.

    Prettau® Zirconia is also the most hygienic dental material available, with no attributable instances of peri-implant pathology (infections under the bridge that cause implants to destabilize).  One in four people with acrylic bridges will develop this type of infection.

    Am I a Good Candidate for Teeth Tomorrow?

    Ideal candidates for Teeth Tomorrow actively want to improve their quality of life and oral health through an attractive, permanent smile.

    Are you missing more than one tooth? Do you have multiple teeth that need to be extracted? Do you have broken or chipped teeth? Is eating painful? Do you avoid smiling?

    If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, Teeth Tomorrow may be right for you. If you are facing major restorative dental work, or have tried other options that failed, contact us at 860-829-9050.