Why is Senior Dental Care important for my Parents?

As the baby boomer generation gets older, many of us are helping take care of our parents. Most people think of helping their parents with housing, assisted living, and even health care. One important area that is often overlooked is senior dental care. With proper dental care, baby boomers can avoid having major dental and general health problems later in life. Senior dental care is connected to whole-body health and if properly taken care of can avoid serious problems like heart disease, diabetes, infections and more.

The Affordable Care Act and Medicaid offer very limited dental coverage for adults. Dental insurance generally covers the basic dental needs of adults however, Medicare doesn’t cover most dental care, dental procedures, or supplies including cleanings, fillings, tooth extractions, dentures, dental plates, or other dental devices.

“The problem with not having a higher level of dental service reimbursement readily available for most U.S. citizens is that as people age, so do their dental restorations.”

Additionally, research shows that people who don’t have dental insurance are less apt to go to the dentist. While it may be expensive to pay out of pocket, treating minor problems before they turn major will avoid serious problems in the future.

For individuals with multiple missing teeth, the image of dentures in a glass may be an image they would rather avoid. The good news is there is a better dental care solution for seniors – dental implants. A dentist can now replace one tooth or an entire mouth of teeth that look natural and taken care of them like regular teeth. Teeth Tomorrow® full mouth dental implants look natural and are custom designed to each patient. This eliminates the possibility of a bad fit and ensures that a senior who chooses Teeth Tomorrow dental implants will be comfortable while chewing or talking. The material the Teeth Tomorrow dental implant is made from is extremely durable and resistant to chips, cracks, stains and harmful bacteria

The Baby Boomer population is living longer and healthier than their parents.

As the Baby Boomer population ages so does their desire to live a higher quality of life. This higher quality of life involves many social interactions including eating at restaurants and social gatherings. The ability to smile and chew food is an important aspect of social interaction. Dental implants can help improve the lives of both baby boomers and their parents if they need one or more teeth replaced. If you are interested in avoiding dentures, and have a beautiful, natural-looking smile, please contact your local Teeth Tomorrow Member Practice for more information. For a list of questions you should ask any dentist proposing major dental work, download our checklist.